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Welcome to the Unofficial Canadian Tire Fan Page!

Hi there! This page has been set up due to popular demand (kind of). It caters for those who,like me have realised the wonder of the phenomenon that is Canadian Tire.

Imagine, if you will, a world without Canadian Tire. What else would Canadian men DO on a Sunday afternoon?? All over Canada lawnmowers would break down, fuses would blow, and jelly jars would run out and there would be no happy resolution to these dilemmas. No other store on the planet caters for such a huge cross section of society; from handymen, to sports freaks, to impulse buyers who can't even go out to the store to buy a spark plug without returning with a sack filled with such vital commodities as dog leads, tents, hubcaps, spare propellor blades for outboard motors, something in the region of 400 yards of blue Nylon rope and, of course, no spark plugs.

The chain has a kind of parallell on my home island of Lewis in the form of "Lewis Crofters Ltd" where a similar, though slightly less sophisticated, assortment of items are available, but catering for a considerably wetter environment. In other words, they sell wellies, oilskins and fishing gear. As well as blue nylon rope.

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