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Iain MacKinnon's Funky Homepage!
Glasgow, Scotland
Wahey! Visitors have been here since January 1999.
Hi There!

Welcome to my Homepage! Hopefully this page will give you some idea of what makes me tick.

For more about me, my village, what I do and my cool dogs etc,Click Here.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, so e-mail me please!

I come from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, a gorgeous island which is definately worth a visit. If you can't make it in person visit my Lewis Page! .

Lots of great photographs of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Here are some fun links!

Visit my Joke Page!

O.K. I know it's a pain to e-mail people, so please drop in on my guestbook and leave a little note?

My Unofficial Canadian Tire Fan Page!

The Official Grateful Dead Website

: Learn about my home area

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"'S trom an t-eallach an aineolas..."

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