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Pictures Of Lewis

These are all photos which I have taken in the last couple of years on my home island of Lewis. Lewis is a beautiful place in almost any weather conditions, and I hope that you find these photographs as beautiful and inspirational as I do. Enjoy.

visits since 12th November 1998.

This is Gress Beach seen from Port Ghriais.

A wave breaking at Bosta Beach, Bernera.

The Callanish Stones.

The village of Gress, viewed from the east.

A sheep & a winter sunset.

Garry Beach & Traigh Mhor from the north.

The village of Carloway, as seen from the ancient Broch.

The beach of Dail Mor on the West side of the island.

The cliffs at Tiumpan Head, looking across Broad Bay towards Back.

The most unusual village on the Island! Tolstadh Chaolais.

All photographs Iain MacKinnon 1999 and must not be used without permission.

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