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sad-act individuals had nothing better to do than to read pointless information about someone they don't know.

Iain MacKinnon
Glasgow, Scotland

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This is my other groovy sister, Muriel. Last year she got married to Rev John Urquhart who is the assistant minister at Chryston Church of Scotland, just outside of Glasgow. He's originally from the Isle of Harris, but he can't help that.

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More About Me!

This is me in the photo here. My name is Iain MacKinnon, I'm 21 years old and I stay in a beautiful little village called Gress which is on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. I have two great sisters called Erica and Muriel. Erica is the one who's in the photo there with me. Our village is pretty small, about 150 people and it's right beside the sea. We are very close to a gorgeous sandy beach, which I get a great view of out my bedroom window. I've just finished my postgraduate Certificate in Primary Teaching at the University of Strathclyde and am now working in Uig Primary school on the West side of the Island teaching a composite class of 12 children through the medium of Gaelic. I am thoroughly enjoying it (so far!!).


O.K, his name's not REALLY Woody. He's just Glen. I am personally of the opinion that a dog of this calibre should not have been given such a truly unimaginative name but who listens to me? Glen is a bit of a Bimbo really; a beautiful animal but, Boy, is he dumb! He's a great lawn ornament though and is unmatched in his ability to impregnate the local female section of the canine community. But he is a lovely dog! We have another two dogs as well. They are all working sheepdogs, although that's probably a bit too strong a term for what these layabouts do! Their names are Connie (AKA Noogs), and Bess (our new puppy: she's SOOO cute!!).

Oh! You may have been wondering why we call him Woody. Well, one day I was kind of singing the Log Song (you know, from Ren and Stimpy?) and switched the lyrics to "It's Glen, It's Glen, He's big he's heavy he's wood..." and the "Wood" part just stuck from then on. How's that for a pointless story?!!

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